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About Gabriela Pelaytay

Gabriela Pelaytay, born in Argentina, is a self-taught artist and designer. While most notable for her drawings, she isn’t bound to any specific medium and tends to explore whichever style her mind is captivated by. Gabriela Pelaytay began drawing at a young age in Mendoza, Argentina, when she was introduced to it by her sister. Her sister’s influence encouraged Gabby to explore her talent before moving to the United States.

Oftentimes Gabriela’s style is attributed to her unique perspective on life and the ability to see things that most individuals don’t. Her natural talent for picking apart the intricacies of the human experience grant her the ability to incorporate multiple techniques into her artwork with great attention to detail.

Faces, people, scenes underscored and highlighted are coated in black. Black paint, a favorite image of Gabriela, is often utilized to showcase the darker elements that her work exudes. This is incorporated in a way that goes a few steps beyond basic contrasting, the intentional nature of the art is apparent.

With an interesting story to tell and an interesting eye to perceive it with, Gabriela is capable of bringing to life the things that dominate her interests so much while exploring the confides of her mind.